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Powerful Personality Program (3P)


Your first impression is made in just three seconds. How would you like others to see you like a failure or winner? would you like to have lasting relationships and great impression ? Then Join this course now !!! This workshop is based on scientifically backed research and is designed to teach you👇🏻 *1. How to read other people's body language* - to detect lies, to read their minds, to communicate better, sell better, negotiate better, convince better, improve relations, understand how they really feel in a particular situation & time *2. How to improve your own body language* - to have a good first impression, to attract people & customers, become more confident, successful, trustworthy & likable. *Day Wise details of the workshop*👇🏻 *Day 1 - 2* Reading body language - introduction Rules for accurate reading Benefits & significance *Day 3 - 4* Study of the "mind - body connection" Mind reading - finding out the comfort/discomfort levels of people Detecting pacifying behaviours - sadness, emotional discomfort, insecurity, fears, nervousness, struggle, stress, etc *Day 5 - 6* Finding out the most honest part of our body? Analysis of gestures made by legs & feet What does a person's sitting position reveal about his/her personality? *Day 7 - 8* Impression management - body language secrets that make a powerful first impression. Analysis & decoding of body language gestures through: Shoulders Chest Neck Abdomen Tips for Posture correction *Day

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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