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DMIT IQ & Talent  Report

What is DMIT?

   The full form of DMIT is dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test, it is a scientifically proven technique which helps in finding out the inborn skills, talents, potential, and personality of a person. DMIT is a scientific study based on the physical formation of fingerprints that are linked to the human brain. Many scientists and medical experts have approved and confirmed that the fingerprints provide an accurate and correct understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences and their inborn potential. Normally the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) test is used to identify the degree of intelligence in a person, but now DMIT is being used by many schools, colleges, educational institutes, and career guidance experts to reveal the person’s true potential.


   The test would as well help while recruiting people, planning different memory enhancement programs, deciding on a career from available options, and directing the focus of an education. As far as career is concerned, the confusion always lies not only with the students as well as their parents also. The test that non-invasively decides your inner capability would be the good choice to arrive at a better solution.



Lets you know your Brain Dominance (Left or Right)


Lets you know Your Inborn Talent which you can choose as Career


Lets you know your Multiple Intelligence among 8 Intelligences


It helps in Extra curricular and career selection


Lets you know about Your IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ and VQ

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