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7 Chakra third eye Course


INR 3500/-


5 Days

About the Course

7 Chakra Course


🎇 What are Chakras?

🎇 What is Chakra Balancing?

🎇 Why balancing your Chakras

🎇 Why are the Chakras Important?

🎇 Chakras balancing Benefits.

🎇Chakras and their Role.

🎇How do Chakras get Blocked?

🎇How to identify the blocks in chakras and address them?

🎇 What do each of the 7 chakras correspond with respect to our physical, mental and spiritual being?

🎇 How to unblock the chakras using multiple techniques?

🎇 How do different colours, crystals, herbs, oils, exercises, foods, affirmations, mudras & mantras resonate with different areas & chakras of the body?

🎇 How to work on all kinds of mental issues and mental conditions?

🎇 How to use Chakra balancing to help issues related to money and financial well-being & Relationship?

🎇 Chakra Meditation.

Third eye Course

 *Day 1* 

💥 Introduction of third


💥 Activation of Third Eye

💥Role and action of third eye chakra

💥How to open, heal and activate third eye chakra

💥 Powerful Attunement of third eye 


🔥 Techniques of opening third eye

🔥 *Shambhvi mudra* 

( Practice of technique and precautions)

🔥 Practice of focusing

🔥 Introduction of *Trataka* 🔥🔥🔥

 *Day -3* 

🎯 How to Practice *tratak* 

🎯 Precautions

🎯Dos /Don'ts of Trataka

🎯 Details of Tratak

When to practice and how to practice

🎯 *How to ** *protect** *your ** *third eye** 

🎯 *2nd Attunement* of third eye chakra

 *Day -4* 

 🌇 Practice of techniques

🌇 Opening of third eye through visual and pictures

🌅 Powerful meditation

🌅 Crystals of third eye and their use

🌇 Switch word for third eye and their use

🌇 Angels of third eye

🌇 Healing Code of third eye and their use

 *Day -5* 

 *Strong Meditation of Opening third eye* 


 *Crystal Gazing* 

Your Instructor

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