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Personality development Course


INR 3500/-


5 Days

About the Course

*Course content*:

  • 4 powerful hypnosis for Goal focus, confidence building, Character building, removing fear, building positivity and Stage daring

  • Crystals for Confidence

  • Zibu and Reiki symbols for confidence

  • Aromatherapy for Confidence

  • Switch words and affirmations for Confidence

  • NLP Swish Technique for Instant confidence

  • Power visualisation

  • Building morning and night Routine for self image

  • Stage daring Techniques

  • Confidence building

  • Body language tips

  • Leadership development.

  • Etiquette and Manners

  • Body posture

  • Hand gestures

  • Inner personality development (Self love, self image, positive thinking, confidence, listening skills)

  • Communication Skills

  • Group Discussion 

  • Personal Interview

Your Instructor

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