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Super Memory Course


INR 3500/-


5 Days

About the Course

Benefits and Contents

🔅Crack Any Entrance Exam🧐

🔅Score 100/100🎖

🔅Fun remembering Techniques🎭

🔅Students excellence system📈

🔅Basics of Memory🧠

🔅Linking Method

🔅Remember Dictionary, French, Latin, 

German and Sanskrit📖

🔅Remember Geography World Map🌍

🔅Pegging Method🔣

🔅Remember History date🗺

🔅Long Digit numbers🔢

🔅Mnemonic Method🌈

🔅Speed Reading🔡

🔅Whole Book with Page number 🔅Mind theory✍️

🔅Learn Self Hypnosis👀

🔅Hypnosis for Exam Phobia🤒

🔅Hypnosis for Memory🤔

🔅Hypnosis for Recall Key👌

🔅Hypnosis for Confidence😎

🔅Memory Foods🥦

🔅Brain Yoga & Gym💪🏻

🔅Neurobic exercise💆

🔅Law of Attraction🌀

🔅Concentration Eye 👁 

🔅Goal setting and Achieving🎯

🔅Mobile and TV Addiction📲

🔅Whole Brain reading System📖

Your Instructor

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